Dei Melograni

We are small, passionate, expert, specialized.

Four adjectives tell the story of the Allevamento Dei Melograni, which for almost thirty years has dedicated itself in a professional way to the care and growth of beautiful West Highland White Terriers, with the ENCI-FCI recognition.

For almost thirty years, they have specialized in breeding West Highland White Terriers.

At the center of our world are they, our beloved Westies.

We dedicate every effort to their well-being.

We deal only with a limited number of puppies, equivalent to four, five litters a year, the result of prestigious selections, which are born and become large in conditions of exceptional comfort.

In fact, from targeted and calibrated couplings, little ones with the best morphological and character characteristics come to light.

Beautiful, healthy, balanced and typical, they are raised with love, in close contact with family members, growing as perfect companions for adults and children.

Many of them have characteristics that make them able to compete effectively in the context of more selective exposures.

We spend all our time and lots of resources for our Westies friends.

We are constantly improving their living conditions and we are always importing new subjects – often multiple samples – that ensure the right supply of new blood.

An effort, natural and rewarding for us, of which we are amply rewarded by the satisfaction of those who choose and buy a West Highland White Terrier of our breeding, as a companion, or from the admiration of those who value it in the ring.

The West Highland Terrier of Dei Melograni breeding regularly, with its specimens, to beauty shows in Italy and abroad, often rewarded with gratifying results.

Among the prizes and awards achieved in recent years, we have several BIS, BOG and many BOBs in the Italian, international and foreign championships of Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, the Republic of San Marino, Malta, etc.

At 2019 we count 17 Italian and 24 international champions, with a total of over 200 Italian and foreign approved beauty championships.