What breeding Westy means to us

Breed West Highland White Terrier.

A passion that has been growing for almost thirty years.

A commitment serious, constant, convinced, because it is born from the heart and is shared with the westies and customers: our puppies, the result of strict selections, are healthy, beautiful, balanced, typical, suitable for the company of children and adults, capable of figure well and compete even in prestigious beauty shows.


Breeding is dedication. What is acquired day after day in contact with these wonderful creatures enriches inwardly.


The choices made over the years allow us to find health and morphological correctness in our dogs, of which today we are really proud and proud.


We breed this breed seriously for almost 30 years. It has not always been easy, but all the difficulties have been rewarded by the morphological health and correctness of our inhabitants.

The exhibitions

The context in which purity, typicality and ultimately the characteristics that make a westie a high-level specimen emerge, is exposure.

There is a secret behind the results achieved: a great dedication.

The one that spurs us to improve every day, loving our westies and ensuring them the care and respect they deserve.

The small, large champions….

A good selected puppy, endowed with an important genetic heritage and the son of champion or multi-champion parents has very little in common, in reality, with the certainly tender and affectionate puppies that we call westie only as white and with short legs.

For those who buy, “settling” for a dog with poorly defined characteristics is completely legitimate, but contradictory from the point of view of the conservation of the breed, which can only be perpetuated and improved by reproducing carefully selected subjects.

Our puppies

The westie is not suitable for everyone, and the good breeder does not entrust his puppies to anyone.

In the same way that a good owner looks for a good subject and a serious breeder, the serious and good breeder prefers to entrust the puppies to safe and reliable people.

For information on puppies’ litters and availability, we ask that you contact us exclusively by telephone.