West Highland White Terrier, an extraordinary breed!

Character, personality, sympathy … and much more.

Who we areOur Westies

Grooming and stripping

I personally wash my westies; it has always been this way for thirty years.

I am self-taught and I learned this art by studying the standard, the various stripping techniques and participating in beauty shows.

My strippings are totally handmade and in the last few years my dressing style has been reinforced

I particularly love this job because it is creative and gratifying, with a clever toilet it can transform a mediocre west into a beautiful dog.

Occasionally, I make my work experience available and organize individual grooming stages for private individuals who want to take care of their dog, and to toilets who want to specialize in the breed.

The atmosphere that is created by working together, sharing the same passion, is special!

My grooming stages for Westie

For years I have been offering my experience in grooming the breed for individual courses and internships.

Over time I realized that individual internships are definitely more effective for transmitting all the information needed to learn the art of stripping in a quiet and relaxed context, both for the person who has to train and for the dog that is being washed.

Individual training sessions can only be requested by completing the FORM on the side.

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Join our family

A great enriching factor is the relationship established with customers.

We choose and are aware of it.

Among us, beautiful friendships have been born that we have cultivated in many cases for many years and this is already giving us a strong motivation to persist in our work.

Adopting a westino means entering a family, being bound by a thread of passion and love from which there is no return.