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  • Westies for almost 30 years.

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For almost thirty years, they have specialized in breeding West Highland White Terriers.

I only breed West Highland White Terrier for almost thirty years and the choice of the name for my breeding was determined by the fact that even today my animals live in an area of the garden shaded by old pomegranates, plants that I love very much.

The pomegranate is also a symbol of fertility and luck and I must say that this name was never so successful: I am happy to be able to breed this wonderful breed.

As for the adoptions of our puppies, I prefer to be contacted by telephone because the experience of many years of breeding has taught me that, the relationship with the families that will welcome them, starts from the first call.

You will not find, therefore, in this my online space, a contact form to book a small Dei Melograni; I like to think that, whoever wants to welcome a puppy of mine, is aware that we don’t ‘sell dogs’, but we raise special friends who will be part of the new family.

Maria Maddalena Sartori

Who we are

I have always been attracted to terriers; particularly intelligent dogs with a strong character.

Years ago my choice fell on a male westie puppy.

I immediately fell in love with this little big dog and it was love forever …


Breeding is dedication. What is acquired day after day in contact with these wonderful creatures enriches inwardly.


The choices made over the years allow us to find health and morphological correctness in our dogs, of which today we are really proud and proud.


We breed this breed seriously for almost 30 years. It has not always been easy, but all the difficulties have been rewarded by the morphological health and correctness of our inhabitants.

Our Westies on show…

Gradually, with the birth of puppies, the desire to learn more about the breed is also born.

Beauty shows, selection.

In this area we have achieved many professional satisfactions, many Italian and foreign beauty championships and many awards for the work of Maddalena Sartori.

Join our family

A great enriching factor is the relationship established with customers.

We choose and are aware of it.

Among us, beautiful friendships have been born that we have cultivated in many cases for many years and this is already giving us a strong motivation to persist in our work.

Adopting a westino means entering a family, being bound by a thread of passion and love from which there is no return.