• West Highland White Terrier, an extraordinary breed!

    Character, personality, sympathy … and much more.

    Who we areOur Westies
  • A secret behind the results achieved: a great dedication.

    We dedicate every effort to their well-being.

    Breeding the westie
  • Westies for almost 30 years.

    At the center of our world, our beloved Westies.

    Our Westies

The results on exposure over the years

There is a secret behind the results achieved: a great dedication.

The one that spurs us to improve every day, loving our westies and ensuring them the care and respect they deserve.


Breeding is dedication. What is acquired day after day in contact with these wonderful creatures enriches inwardly.


The choices made over the years allow us to find health and morphological correctness in our dogs, of which today we are really proud and proud.


We breed this breed seriously for almost 30 years. It has not always been easy, but all the difficulties have been rewarded by the morphological health and correctness of our inhabitants.

Historical Archive of Exhibitions

Meaning of the acronyms in beauty exhibitions

CAC: Certificate of aptitude for the championship (of beauty)

CACIB: Certificate of aptitude for the international beauty championship

BOB: Best of breed

BOS: Best of opposite sex

BOG: Best of group

BIS: Best in show

Championships, Exhibitions and Meetings

For the Italian Championship, a fairly complex championship, 2 CACs achieved in national exposure are needed, 2 CAC achieved in international exhibition, 2 CAC achieved in rally or special with at least 5 different judges.

In the International Championship, 4 CACIBs are required in at least three different countries (eg Italy, Austria, Croatia) from at least 3 different judges.

NOTE: For national or international EXHIBITIONS, nonetheless race rallies, only ENCI or FCI recognized exhibitions are meant.

Join our family!

A great enriching factor is the relationship established with customers.

We choose and are aware of it.

Among us, beautiful friendships have been born that we have cultivated in many cases for many years and this is already giving us a strong motivation to persist in our work.

Adopting a little westie means entering a family, being bound by a thread of passion and love from which there is no return.